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Hi! I am Izabela, London based travel and lifestyle photographer and cinematographer specialising in relaxed, naturally lit portraits of people and visited places. I love the adventure, have a passion for minimalist design and a contradicting obsession with both, concrete structures and the beach (which coincidentally is also my favourite movie of all times).

My addiction to the ocean led me to spending a year on the road driving along the coast of the USA and Australia, respectively, soaking up the sunshine mixed with salty air. This journey shaped my aesthetic senses and influenced my photography style with emotive minimalism, timeless simplicity and cinematic softness of my subjects. I play with symmetry, shapes, light and shadows.

My aim as a photographer is to capture a candid reflection of the unfolding moments that thrive on wholesomeness and true emotions.

photography + filmmaking

I am a self thought photographer who picked up her first Nikon DSLR back in 2014. I have been always attracted by the cinematic style and the possibilities of moving image so it was a natural step for me to expand my interest in filmmaking. I love creating visual journeys that explore the subject and give more wholesome perspective.
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I am currently looking for an agency representation so please get in touch if you find my portfolio fitting your books.

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available for freelance work

Hello! You've met my niece Toni already, our family badminton champ. My parents say she looks exactly like me when I was her age. I am Izabela, a (slightly older today) portrait photographer creating naturally vibrant and authentic digital heirlooms for your family's keepsake. My aim is to capture your life, style and adventures being it in your own backyard or while exploring further afield.
A romantic at heart, I cherish the daylight and golden hour to create natural and relaxed portraits of you and your loved ones. My aim is to capture your emotions and tell the story of your life's beautiful moments. I like to keep the images as vibrant as the moment we took them together for you to be able to look back and bring those feelings alive again and again through the years. That's how powerful I believe photography can be and why I want to tell your story.
I am based in London and work in UK and abroad. I will happily travel to capture your adventures as family and couples. Ask me to join you on your travels and my bags are already packed.